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Will You get the Treatment you Need?

Welcome to The Pamela Northcott Fund. We are a unique voluntary organisation providing advocacy and support to cancer patients denied access to new drug therapies yet to be approved by NICE or refused by NICE.

In the UK today many would expect that if diagnosed with cancer they would have access to the best treatments available. Sadly this is not the case. Thousands of patients are denied treatments recommended by their clinician every year. The Pamela Northcott Fund aims to change this and ensure that the UK becomes a leading nation in providing new and innovative treatments to patients.

We offer a bespoke one to one service to patients and their carers, by taking on their individual appeal for treatment and representing them at their Primary Care Trust or Local Health Board Appeal Panel.

We understand that fighting cancer is difficult enough; to also have to take on a bureaucratic and legalistic fight with the NHS for a treatment you need is a frightening and draining prospect. That’s why we are here. We will take on your fight for you and ensure that you can focus on keeping as well as possible.

We offer support and advice to patients throughout the appeal process and beyond – we have also initiated a peer support network to link up patients and families who are in the same situation.

We work with all cancer patients denied treatment and to date these include patients suffering from kidney, liver, GIST, sarcoma, brain, bone, bowel, breast, endocrine, thyroid and lung cancer.

The Pamela Northcott Fund also works to highlight the access to treatment debate nationally, both through the media and parliament and is supported by expert clinicians. We have now successfully won funding for over 250 individual cancer patients previously denied treatment by their local NHS Primary Care Trust.

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