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The following are a selection of case studies relating to The Pamela Northcott Trust.

Thank you so much for your help. That is an entirely inadequate sentence as I deeply appreciated your advice, all the information you shared with us – which was the most compelling I came across anywhere, your feedback and above all, the energy and positivity that came across whenever we spoke to you.
Louise is under no illusions about her prognosis, even with Avastin, but as she said yesterday, she feels a huge sense of relief that the fight is over. A year of beating her head against a wall with these people. At least now she can concentrate on thinking positively about her treatment and enjoying time with her family. – Louise

What your family has done for mine is awe-inspiring and I sincerely hope that the success today goes some way towards honoring your mother. I hope that it will not seem offensive if I may picture her beaming with pride in your successes, fists punching the air as she bounces gleefully on her cloud – we are so fortunate to benefit from your determination to improve the lot of others.

I’m struggling to find the right words to convey the pure joy of knowing there is outside support for Michael and that not everyone is going to “pass the buck.” It is so strange to feel happy in such adverse circumstances – thank you for this feeling. – With infinite gratitude and huge hugs, Fenella
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As you can imagine it is a really big result for us and has taken some time to sink in with my husband, my family and I. I continue radiotherapy for another 6 days, then a meeting with Dr Wasan on his return from holidays, to agree a plan for further treatment. Thank you so much again for everything – it has meant the world to us that people we haven’t even met have helped to make this happen.

” I will never forget what you did for me and please keep up the good work but take care of your self ” Regards Vilma x

” Once again I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for Jack, I really don’t know how we would have managed without your kind support and help. God Bless you ” – Tanya

” I think all your hard work has at last paid off. Sutent is at long last available to all patients requiring the drug. I am very pleased to say that John is still responding to Sutent which he is receiving at the Royal Preston Hospital. The last CT scan carried out last month showed that his cancer was static and the blood tests etc. which are regularly monitored were also good. We should like to thank you once again for all the help and advice you gave us at a time when we were greatly distressed. Kindest regards – Pat and John

I’m very sorry it’s taken so long to thank you for your incredible achievement. I don’t know how 2 say thank you for life, ‘thanks’ doesn’t seem to measure up.It’s been 28 years and I’ve never said it to my mum. You do have my ‘undying’ appreciation though. 🙂 wanted to thank you all for your help and input – which has proved absolutely invaluable in this success. I am convinced that non of this would have been possible without your help, time and dedication to the detail. – Micheal

We are sending you this message to say a very big thank you for all you have done in helping to get
our father/grandfather sutent. What was starting to look like a somewhat hopeless challenge has now ended in what can only be described as victory. Words can not express how we feel,our children can now look forward to some special times ahead with their granddad.
Many many thanks – Kevin,Hazel,Bethany and Adam

Your family and friends must be brimming with pride and I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful work you do and it’s extraordinary and country-wide effect. All the best – Julie

I have finally got my SUTENT this morning. The consultant and his team were all so pleased to be able to give it to me. I want to say THANK YOU for your continued support throughout my fight to get this drug it really means such a lot. I cannot explain the huge weight this has lifted off our lives and the hope it has restored to having a future to look forward to and to plan for. The work you do does get the results but I know the time and effort you put in to achieve that and saying THANK YOU seems so inadequate. I am still fighting for those who have yet to get their Sutent and am currently doing follow up stories for the local press and radio.
With kindest regards, – Jackie

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