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How we can help

We have a defined protocol of who and how we help cancer patients.

Kate has no clinical training and would never discuss or advise a certain treatment for a patient. All recommendations for a certain treatment must come from the treating clinician.

Kate accepts all cancer patients who have been refused a treatment recommended by their clinician. She has to date worked with kidney, liver, bowel, brain, sarcoma, GIST, endocrine, thyroid, lung, bone and breast cancer patients.

Kate will work with the patient and the treating oncologist to help with the application and appeal process for the PCT concerned.

Each Primary Care Trust will have their own policy and procedure regarding this process – please refer to Postcode Lottery section for further information.

Kate will act as patient advocate throughout the application and appeal process and will write the appeal on behalf of the patient.

Kate will also launch and manage a media campaign on behalf of the patient if required. This can be an important tool in ensuring the patient’s voice is heard. However this route is entirely up to the patient and Kate will discuss the pros and cons of this approach with you.

From initial contact Kate will need detailed information about your case. You will need to write a request to your PCT to collate the information needed before she can begin the process of writing your appeal.

A template letter can be downloaded here

More than ever each individual cancer patient needs a friend - an experienced navigator in a sea of bureaucracy and chaos. Kate Spall has tirelessly served hundreds of patients to help them achieve optimal care within the NHS. Increasingly the attitude of those making funding decisions within the NHS is passive. If you don't ask you don't get. And how you ask has assumed immense importance to the chances of success. Patient advocacy has never been more important than in 2010. By her work Kate is enhancing not just the quality of care for those she helps directly but also the lives of many other cancer patients.

Professor Karol Sikora

Clinical Advisor

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