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Derek’s Story

In August 2003 I was diagnosed with renal cancer and during the following year had treatment with Interferon and Interleukin, which were not effective.

I then volunteered for clinical research trials during the next two years for Erlotenib and Sutent.  As a result of a minor gardening accident which required surgery I had to come off the Sutent trial as continuous data was not being supplied.

This was very difficult as the Sutent had had a dramatic effect on controlling the disease and reducing the tumours in my liver.

By March 2008 the surgery had healed, but my Oncologist was not able to prescribe Sutent as my funding application was refused by my PCT, the North Yorkshire & York PCT.

I then contacted the Pamela Northcott Fund, and Kate immediately advised me to contact the PCT and request certain pieces of relevant information regarding my failed application.

Through correspondence with the PCT, and using the data requested, I was able to get the PCT to reconsider my application as a special case based on the dramatic results when on the Sutent trail. As a consequence the  PCT granted funding.

The valuable advice received from the Pamela Northcott Fund therefore forced/enabled the PCT to offer to reconsider my application without the need to go to a full appeal and possibly legal action.

Sincere thanks

Derek Hoff

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